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PRINE Health is a newly developed kidney care group that is placing an emphasis on revolutionizing the kidney care industry. We’re an independent Nephrology based SUPERGROUP infused with Primary Care, Care Management, and cutting edge technology. Supported by a physician-owned managerial service organization (MSO), PRINE Health is providing value-oriented population health and traditional practice management services. Our team is focused on bringing together the elite members of the nephrology industry as well as primary care in Nassau County. For information on how you can contact PRINE Health, please visit our website here. Otherwise, please continue reading this article for more information on the group and our primary goals for the foreseeable future.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing the kidney care industry, PRINE is looking to create innovative treatment plans through a personalized, caregiving approach. By uniting the experts in the field, we’re looking to collectively bring together an association of patients and physicians who can help change the kidney care world for the better.

Our goals as an organization include the following:

  • Improve the quality of kidney care and give patients innovative treatment methods.
  • Give easy access to care by boosting the relationship between patient and physician. Thus, giving quality satisfaction for patient care.
  • Eliminate waste, redundancies, and inefficiencies.
  • Overall, make kidney care a much more enjoyable experience; for the physician, care partners, and the patient!

In an ever-changing health care industry, the emphasis on kidney care has been somewhat lacking for several years. However, PRINE health is looking to change this notion. Our specialists for kidney disease treatment along with primary care physicians in Nassau County are able to work together as a collaboration; benefiting the local community and many more patients. The unfortunate truth is those complications such as chronic kidney disease have increased dramatically, as one in seven adults in the United States suffers from this condition. Our nephrology based SUPERGROUP aims to dramatically lower this number, with the assistance of our partners and collaborators. Emphatic care management is essential for the success of our movement.

If you’re interested in joining our movement or have been searching for a primary care in Nassau County, contact PRINE Health today for further assistance.


What Makes a Good Primary Care Physician?

A primary care physician, or PCP, is a doctor that can take care of your basic medical needs and keep your medical records and is usually the first doctor you go to when you are experiencing some kind of issue or complication. PCP’s are trained in a variety of medical subjects, so if your issue is simple or straightforward they will handle it right then and there, or if your problem is more in-depth and needs further testing they can lead you to a specialist that will help you. Some PCPs take care of entire families, while others focus on a single adult or even different age groups. If you are looking for primary care in Nassau County, reach out to Prine Health and see what we can help provide for you or your family.


All primary care physicians represent one practitioner that can handle basic medical needs for their patients. Since you may have the same PCP for many years, other doctors can look to them for your medical history when needed. There are a few types of practitioners that commonly serve as PCPs, which can include:


  • General Practice Physician – These doctors were qualified to be PCPs for an entire family, and were trained in a large variety of fields, such as Obstetrics, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry. While these types of doctors are still around, they were more common, and more common as PCPs, in the past.
  • Internal Medicine Doctors – Doctors of internal medicine can diagnose and treat diseases and conditions with different types of medicine. These doctors are more common to be the primary care physician for adult patients nowadays. Some internists specialize further on a particular organ, such as the lungs, heart, or kidneys. They can also specialize for a certain age, like the elderly, or a certain disease, like diabetes.
  • Pediatrician– Pediatricians are the PCP for children. They specialize in the development and care of children, so they will see and take care of children from birth to adolescence. 


Primary care physicians are different than the family doctors we used to have in the past. While you can have one PCP for your whole family still, you can get a PCP with more focus on certain age groups, organs, diseases, children, or even just a Doctor of Internal Medicine. For primary care in Nassau County, look towards Prine Health for the care you may need.


What makes a good Primary Care Physician?

A good primary care physician involves the doctor taking care of you, and the office they work in. A good PCP will have certain traits that would enhance their abilities to care for your health, and a good office will have the right tools to help with any treatments and accommodate you as needed. Some good traits for your primary care physician to have include:


  • Active Listener – A good PCP will attentively listen to you as you describe your problems or issues, and follow up with questions to dig deeper and better understand your situation.
  • Personality – A good fit for a PCP for you should be a doctor with a personality that makes you feel comfortable sharing information with, even sensitive topics such as sexual health issues.
  • Respectful – Your PCP doctor should explain things clearly and in a way you can understand. They should give you enough time in appointments to ask questions, tell you when you can expect lab results or test results back, and generally respect your time as well.


These are just some examples of traits a good PCP should have, but a good PCP should have a good office as well. Things such as appointment availability, for example, is very important. If a certain PCP does not have availability when you are available then they might not be the right choice for you. Additionally, if your PCP also takes care of your family, being able to see more than one patient at a time could be what you need. Having a PCP office with a good network of doctors allows them to refer you to doctors they know and trust for the issue or problem you have, and if you think you may need them in emergencies, make sure they have good emergency availability or after-hours help. 


Visit PRINE Health for Primary Care in Nassau County: 

Many things make a PCP a good primary care physician for you, so it pays to talk to, call in, or even meet doctors before making your final decision, and if your current PCP isn’t a good fit for you, it is worth it to find one that is. For primary care in Nassau County, contact us at Prine Health and see how we can be a great fit for you.

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