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Do you need Ultrasound imaging?

We have skilled Radiology Technicians and Radiologists standing by to scan, read and help you and your physician to optimize your care.

We offer a full menu of Ultrasound studies

Imaging studies are fully covered by most insurances


We can look at arteries and veins to assess blood flow and circulatory issues with our Doppler tests.


Renal Sonograms are used to evaluate the size of the kidneys. We look at the cortex, check for cysts, stones, masses and evidence of obstruction.


We are equipped to sonogram any and all body parts to provide clinical information for you and your doctor.


An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of the heart. This can be used to check your heart valves as well as the structure and function of the heart. These tests are read by our Cardiologist.

Need a Sonogram with our skilled Technician and Radiology team? Let us know!

For more questions:
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T: 516-407-2727

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