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Varithena is an FDA approved treatment for varicose veins, leg swelling, spider veins and more! Varithena is injected into your veins using an ultrasound for guidance to accurately determine the precise area of need. This treatment is a foam infusion that causes the varicose vein to safely close. Your blood will redirect through your surrounding healthy veins, allowing increased circulation and symptoms to improve.


Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment used on varicose and spider veins. This foaming solution sticks to vein walls after the injection, causing the affected areas to rapidly close, removing any unsightly or bulbous veins. After treatment, circulation improves, and the visible appearance of the veins disappears.

How PRINE Vascular Can Help

Both spider and varicose veins arise from an underlying condition called venous insufficiency. Veins are responsible for transporting blood from your tissues back to your lungs in order to restore oxygen--the blood travels in one direction, which is ensured by valves that prevent blood from going backward. In venous insufficiency, these valves stop functioning properly and allow blood to pool in the venous structures. In the smaller, more superficial vasculature, this results in spider veins. Larger, bulging veins are called varicose veins.

Spider veins can be treated with the process of sclerotherapy, where a chemical agent is injected into the vein and effectively closes it off, or phlebectomy, in which case the veins are physically removed from below the skin. For varicose veins, chemical and radiofrequency (heat) ablations exist, which function as another way to shut down the vein. Although the vein is closed off, blood is still able to travel through other smaller structures so that blood flow is uninterrupted.

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