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Detoxing your kidneys

Detoxing Your Kidneys

Our kidneys play a crucial role in helping our bodies get rid of excess waste, hormone creation, and helping to balance our electrolytes. Making sure that your kidneys are properly functioning is a major part of your overall health. Typically, someone who does not suffer from any sickness or disease involving their kidneys will be able to maintain kidney health with proper water intake. While staying hydrated is a huge part of having healthy kidneys, there are also certain foods, herbs, and even drinks that could help as well. At times though, we may get carried away and believe we need to do a complete kidney cleanse. While it is important to pay mind to our kidney health, we need to do it safely. 

Consulting with a medical group in Great Neck can be the first step in starting a healthy detox. At PRINE Health, our team is made up of nephrologists, primary care physicians, and other complementary physicians that specialize in the kidneys and can ensure you aren’t missing anything when it comes to building a proper diet to support your kidney health.

What exactly is a kidney cleanse?

Our kidneys are our bodies’ natural filtration system. When functioning correctly they help remove any toxins, waste, or excess water from our blood. Essentially, when fluid intake is regular and abundant, our kidneys can cleanse themselves. Some may worry that they are not getting enough fluid to their kidneys, therefore they need to cleanse.  During a cleanse, you will usually consume certain foods as well as herbs that are known to remove toxins from your body. While cleansing your body should be a good thing, these detox programs usually involve a restricted diet and are not always backed fully in the medical field. Rather than buy into a detox, why not consult with a physician at a medical group in Great Neck. Our team can help determine which foods, herbs, or drinks you may want to incorporate into your diet to help boost kidney function!


What should I be adding to my diet?

If you are looking to help aid in the kidney cleansing process, make sure you discuss some of the following suggestions with your healthcare provider at a medical group in  Great Neck: 

  • Foods you can eat
    • Grapes 
    • Cranberries 
    • Lemon, orange, and melon juice
    • Seaweed 
    • Calcium-rich foods 
  • Kidney-cleansing teas
    • Stinging nettle 
    • Hydrangea 
    • Sambong 
  • Helpful Supplements
    • Vitamin B-6
    • Omega-3’s
    • Potassium Citrate

Visit a medical group in Great Neck:

Before you decide to dive into a new diet, make sure you talk to your doctor first. At PRINE Health, our team can help construct the proper nutrition plan you need to help boost your kidneys and overall health. We can ensure your kidneys are properly functioning and help you preventative measures to reduce your risk for any future illness or disease that could affect them. To learn more about a cleansing and detoxifying diet for your kidneys, contact PRINE Health today!

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