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New York’s Nephrology IPA with a core focus on Value Based Kidney Care.


The First Nephrology Specific IPA Focused Exclusively On Value Based Kidney Care

Kidney Disease Is...


1:7 adults or more than 30 million in the US have CKD. Many more are at risk. More than 700,000 in the US have ESRD and this is growing at 5% per year.


86% of cases are accompanied by at least one comorbidity, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, depression, bone disease, and more.


CKD care costs an estimated $45 billion annually – making it the eighth most expensive disease in the United States.

Nephrologists From Various Independent Nephrology Practices

What If Nephrologists From Various Independent Nephrology Practices Came Together And Pooled All Their Advanced CKD And ESRD Patients Into One Large Patient Population?  

And What If We Were Able To Demonstrate:

Cost Savings
High Quality Care
Patient Satisfaction
Better Health Outcomes

Do You Think Patients, Insurance Payers, And Strategic Partners Would Be Interested? We Do! That Is Why We Created PRINE Health IPA.

Nephrologists from various

PHIPA Objectives

More Home Dialysis
More Transplants
Less Hospitalizations
Increased Patient Activation

PRINE Health IPA Payer Partners Include

PHIPA Members can also take advantage of our PRINE Care services. This allows participating providers to offer additional benefits to their patients and improve their economics as well.

Why should your independent practice join?

Why should your independent