PRINE Transplant: Enhancing Lives Through Kidney Transplants

Our Transplant Mission

PRINE Health has a core focus on kidney health. We strive to delay the progression of kidney disease. However, sometimes it is inevitable. When that is the case, Kidney Transplantation is a great option for suitable candidates. People live happier, longer lives with transplants than they do on dialysis. Therefore, we aim to screen, facilitate, and optimize each transplant experience for our patients.

PRINE Health has a core focus

How it Works?

With the addition of PRINE Transplant, we act as a cohesive unit bringing together your nephrologist with our Care Management, PRINE Care team. This allows us to improve care and coordination with the kidney transplant center.

Transplant Center

What We Do

Pre-Transplant Evaluations and Workups
Collaborative Partnerships with Transplant Centers
Post-Transplant Management

Meet: Dona Wu, MD, PhD

Dr. Dona Wu is a highly accomplished Nephrologist with a specialization in Transplant Nephrology. Dr. Wu got her MD/Ph.D. degrees at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and then did her Internal Medicine Training at Mt. Sinai in New York. After residency, she went to Atlanta to complete her Nephrology and additional Transplant training at Emory University. After finishing her training, Dr. Wu went to Seattle to gain further experience at Virginia Mason Medical Center. Her dedication to the field is reflected in her research contributions, published in respected scientific journals. Alongside her clinical work, she actively engages in educational activities, mentoring aspiring nephrologists and teaching medical students.

Dona Wu

PRINE works with all the major transplant centers in the New York area which include, but are not limited to the following…

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