Do You Have Kidney Trouble?

Has your nephrologist discussed the possibility of dialysis? Do you have questions and want to learn more?  

What is PRINEd

PRINEd is our informative kidney disease education and support program created by the Nephrologists at PRINE.

PRINEd classes are led by our PRINE Care Team which includes: Care Managers, Registered Nurses, Health Coaches, Social Workers, and Nutritionists.

Classes are available in person, by videoconference, or can be accessed in our Padlet-library.

Learn the basics of Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Learn the basics of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). We will discuss common labs and explain their meaning. We will explore the stages of CKD, general CKD management principles, and expectations regarding progression.

Explain & discuss your choices

We will explain and discuss choices related to End Stage Kidney Disease. The topics covered include:

Dialysis (home vs. in-center and hemodialysis vs. peritoneal dialysis)
Kidney Transplantation
Medical Management
Explain & discuss your choices


National Kidney Foundation: Kidney Basics
National Kidney Foundation: Treatment And Support
National Kidney Foundation: Nutrition
United Network For Organ Sharing
UNOS: Transplant Living
Tablo Home Hemodialysis

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