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Specializing In Diabetes And Other Endocrine Disorders

Our Physicians Provide Preventative Care

PRINE Endocrinology has been created to bring well-established Endocrinologists to continue to provide superb, comprehensive care to their diverse Endocrinology.
patients as we expand services collaboratively to better meet the needs of our kidney patient population, particularly those with diabetic kidney disease.

PRINE Endocrinology Our Physicians Provide Preventative Care

Services Offered

Thyroid Ultrasound

An imaging method to look at the thyroid is usually done when you have a growth on your thyroid gland or when a routine exam finds that the thyroid feels big

Carotid and Vascular Ultrasound

Allows viewing the insides of the arteries and checking the flow within the blood vessels. This can help identify blockages and detect blood clots to support the overall circulatory system and prevent or minimize any issues early on

Bone Densitometry

A type of X-ray that measures the density of the bone in order to identify conditions like osteoporosis or osteopenia


Allows your doctor to see images of the heart chambers and heart valves to identify any structural heart issues

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS)

Measures blood sugar levels for patients and doctors in diabetes management

Diabetes Education ​

By including a diabetes education program in an endocrinology practice environment, our patients are provided access to a wide array of resources essential to the optimal management of their diabetes. Designated and experienced staff lead classes and help improve the quality of life of an individual with diabetes.

Help You Improve The Quality Of Life Of An Individual With Diabetes

Designated and experienced staff lead classes and help improve the quality of life of an individual with diabetes. program consists of 7 group classes designed to answer questions about Diabetes, as well as about one’s role in maintaining good control of their blood sugars.
Our education program begins with an initial assessment and ends with a follow-up session to evaluate how well the class participants did in attaining their goals.
The classes offer information and support, with opportunities for group discussion. All patients with Diabetes, whether Type 1, Type 2, or Gestational, as well as their family members, are invited to participate.

Help you improve the quality

We work with individuals who control their diabetes with diet and exercise, oral medications, insulin injections, and insulin pumps.

Class Sessions Consist Of The Following

Diabetes Basics

Types of diabetes, the effect of diet, exercise, and medication on blood sugar, self-testing of blood sugars

You and Your Diet

Nutrition, exchange lists, and carbohydrate counting

Personalizing Your Diet

Review of personal food diary and blood sugar logs, suggested diet changes, label reading

Controlling Your Blood Sugars

Hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, sick day rules, knowing how and when to test

General Facts

Complications, including dental care, eye care, foot care

Staying in Balance

Diabetes and cardiovascular health, shopping tips, dining out tips, exercise

Coping With Diabetes

Dealing with your feelings, family support, accepting the challenge of living with diabetes

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Our diabetes management


Our diabetes management and education resources stress the importance of providing a bridge between diet theory to dietary behavior. We feel that no diet can be accurately summarized; it must be individualized. Each patient in the program receives a nutrition assessment which involves:  

Our staff provides individualized medical nutritional therapy

Our staff provides individualized medical nutritional therapy and counseling and conducts group seminars for adult men and women with specific needs, including diabetes or hypertension. 

These sessions cover a wide variety of topics including medical nutrition therapy, normal nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy, dietary needs of patients with diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, obesity, eating disorders, renal disease or hypertension, strategies for dining out, food preparation, and how to read food labels.  

Meet The Providers

Tatiana Baron
Baron, DO
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism
Ronda R. Bloom
Ronda R.
Bloom, MD
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism
Russell L. D’Ambra
Russell L.
D’Ambra, MD
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism
Kenneth S. Hershon
Kenneth S.
Hershon, MD
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism
Barbara R. Hirsch
Barbara R.
Hirsch, MD
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism
Isaac Sachmechi
Sachmechi, MD
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism

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