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TeleHealth & TeleNephrology

Remote Monitoring

Principal Care Management


Now more than ever...

  • Are you nervous about COVID-19?

  • Do you want to minimize trips outside your home and practice social isolation?

  • Do you have one or more chronic medical conditions?

  • Would you like to stay connected with your physician?

... remote care makes sense.

Our 3 Step Remote Monitoring Plan

Connect with one of our Compassionate Care Managers

Customize a Remote Care Plan Between (Office or Tele) Visits with your Physician

Stay Continuously Connected with Your Physician to Optimize Your Health Care

TeleMedicine & TeleNephrology


Telehealth is technology that has been around for years and growing in popularity.  Televisits allows us to offer you a virtual house call  by using the Internet with several important benefits and advantages:

Decrease the risk of infection from being around others in a typical office setting.

More convenient, less wasted time with travel and waiting

Televisits have been shown to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction

Remote Monitoring

Now you can seamlessly share data with your provider. Use remote patient monitoring (RPM) to complement your remote experience between televisits or as a standalone program. Some of the benefits of our RPM program include:

Safe, secure and HIPAA compliant

Obtain valuable clinical feedback without coming into office for extra visits

Actionable data that can be used to medication adjustments and optimize your health

Trend and track along with your doctor

You may be eligible for a FREE Qardio device

Principal Care Management


Principal care management (PCM) is a non-face-to-face service provided for approximately 30 minutes per month to people with one or more chronic conditions (kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and more) by a Care Manager in order to better coordinate and manage care.

Increase focus on health and general welfare between physician visits

Improves compliance and catches problems quicker before they worsen

Enhances quality of care and patient satisfaction

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