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PRINE Health is a newly developed kidney care group that is placing an emphasis on revolutionizing the kidney care industry. We’re an independent Nephrology based SUPERGROUP infused with Primary Care, Care Management, and cutting edge technology. Supported by a physician-owned managerial service organization (MSO), PRINE Health is providing value-oriented population health and traditional practice management services. Our team is focused on bringing together the elite members of the nephrology industry as well as primary care physician in Great Neck. For information on how you can contact PRINE Health, please visit our website here. Otherwise, please continue reading this article for more information on the group and our primary goals for the foreseeable future.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing the kidney care industry, PRINE is looking to create innovative treatment plans through a personalized, caregiving approach. By uniting the experts in the field, we’re looking to collectively bring together an association of patients and physicians who can help change the kidney care world for the better.

Our goals as an organization include the following:

  • Improve the quality of kidney care and give patients innovative treatment methods.
  • Give easy access to care by boosting the relationship between patient and physician. Thus, giving quality satisfaction for patient care.
  • Eliminate waste, redundancies, and inefficiencies.
  • Overall, make kidney care a much more enjoyable experience; for the physician, care partners, and the patient!

In an ever-changing health care industry, the emphasis on kidney care has been somewhat lacking for several years. However, PRINE health is looking to change this notion. Our specialists for kidney disease treatment along with primary care physician in Great Neck are able to work together as a collaboration; benefiting the local community and many more patients. The unfortunate truth is those complications such as chronic kidney disease have increased dramatically, as one in seven adults in the United States suffers from this condition. Our nephrology based SUPERGROUP aims to dramatically lower this number, with the assistance of our partners and collaborators. Emphatic care management is essential for the success of our movement.

If you’re interested in joining our movement or have been searching for a primary care physician in Great Neck, contact PRINE Health today for further assistance.


What do you see a primary care doctor for?

When you know of your medical condition, whether it’s been diagnosed or you seem positive about what the condition is, it can be easy to look for a specialist depending on your pain. But when you are feeling under the weather, or spontaneously ill, or unsure of who you should go to and need a referral, contact your primary care doctor. Primary care doctors are much more versatile and important than many people think. A wonderful primary care physician in Great Neck, like the professional physicians that make up PRINE Health’s team, can help you with anything medically related. If you need immediate care, a recommendation for a specialist, or just a check-up, primary care physicians can do it all. 


What is Primary care?

Primary care is holistic healthcare, which encompasses the many medical conditions that can occur to any person. You can go to a primary care physician if your stomach has been aching, or if you have an unknown bump or rash on your skin. Primary care physicians have a wide spectrum of knowledge and can usually identify the overall cause of your medical concerns. They are trained for the first contact and caring for those with undiagnosed symptoms or health concerns. Once they are able to identify your medical condition, they can prescribe medication or refer you to a specialist, if necessary. 


Why Go to a Primary Care Doctor?

  • Primary care physicians are the doctors that patients usually create long-term relationships with. While patients may see a specialist a few times in their life, they will go to their favorite primary care doctor over and over again throughout the years based on likability and comfortability. This also gives the physician full visibility and knowledge of your medical history. Patients usually bring their family to the primary physician as well, giving the physician a better understanding of your family’s medical history. 
  • Primary care doctors bridge patients into the medical world so they can get the care they need, through medications or referrals for specialists.
  • Primary care doctors are often covered by insurance but are also a more cost-effective option for healthcare without insurance. 
  • Getting regular check-ups, or going to a primary care doctor when your pain first begins, helps catch the issue before it can turn into anything major, leading to fewer ER or hospital visits. 
  • Regularly caring for chronic illness, like arthritis or diabetes, can be difficult alone. Consulting a primary care physician in Great Neck can take away the stress of dealing with your medical conditions by yourself. 


Primary Care Physician in Great Neck 

Primary care physicians play an important role in the medical world. Being the first responders to illness, creating lasting bonds with patients, and referring patients to specialists are some of the most crucial reasons you should find or visit a primary care physician. A primary care physician in Great Neck, like the ones at PRINE Health, is always excited to see familiar faces and meet new patients that they can create a bond with. If you want to know more about primary care or want to make an appointment with PRINE Health, check out our website today! 

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